Oil Painters of America

From the OPA website:

“Oil Painters of America was founded in 1991 by Shirl Smithson primarily to focus attention on the lasting value of fine drawing, color, composition and the appreciation of light. 
Founders were witnesses to the fact that the curricula in American educational facilities told the disturbing story that representational oil painting was rarely being taught in colleges and universities anymore.  The avant-garde has taken over since the 1960s.  While OPA had no quarrel with abstract art, members were also witnesses to the undeniable fact that America’s great art museums were almost totally lacking in the presentation of contemporary great masters of representational oil painting.”

We could have written this ourselves. It is a privilege to belong to the OPA, and Catherine is proud to have been juried into an organization representing the fine and contemporary arts. If you wish to see a little bit more about the Oil Painters of America, click the link below.