Spirt Bear "One-In-Ten"

Spirt bears are a charitable and tourism initiative similar, where large-as-life resin figures, in this case the shape of a typical Pacific Northwest brown bear in a standing position, are painted by an artist and then placed as a work in some place of business or in public view. Scottsdale, AZ did something very similar with Painted Ponies and Electric Guitars.

Catherine is proud to be ‘given’ a bear to paint as there are only 106 in total. She has dubbed him “One-In-Ten”, whose moniker reflects the unusual, one in every ten kermode bears whose fur is all white. Not a polar bear, of course, in the wild a kermode bear would otherwise be just your run-of-the-mill, berry-eating, fish-catching, pick-a-nic basket robbing bear. More about kermode bears here.